Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ongoing Kenya Election Coverage

Apparently turnout was huge- as much as 70% . (BBC World)

The conventional wisdom is that this will benefit Raila, but again, we don't have these figures broken down by region/demographic characteristics.

Excellent firsthand account of what voting was like from the always on point kenyanpundit

Finally, Kibaki had a 47-42 lead in the earliest exit poll. (reuters). The website for the Institute for Education in Democracy, the NGO that is running the polls, currently has Kibaki at a 50-40 lead, with polls from 311 polling stations. However, a Raila aide points out in Kenya, exit polls will tend to be biased towards the government because many people will not actually admit to voting for the opposition, for fear of that information getting back to the government. One of the few reasonable rebuttals I've seen from the ODM camp in the course of this campaign.

Although I am really glad that I got to spend christmas at home, i really wish i could have been in Kenya today- given how excited I am here, thousands of miles away, I can only imagine what it must be like to be there.

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