Friday, January 4, 2008

More Opinion and Analysis from Kenyans

Image of GSU policemen clearing out Nairobi's central business district prior to yesterday's cancelled ODM protest march, from mentalacrobatics

Tonight I've come across a number of excellent pieces written by Kenyans (and one Ugandan), both in Kenya and in the US, about how numerous nonviolent options are still viable but vulnerable:

Kenyaimagine presents one of the most thoughtful discussions of the various political options that I've seen, written by a collection of Kenyan professors of law and social sciences who teach in the United States.

Tavia Nyong'o, a professor of performance studies at NYU, writes in the Nation (the American magazine, not the Kenyan newspaper) about how the situation in Kenya is currently closer to Ukraine 2004 than Rwanda 1994. In the Kenyan Nation, Okello Oculi instead draws comparisons to Algeria 1992 and Nigeria 1993.

Mentalacrobatics has two excellent posts, one examining the roles that Kenyan civil society has been playing in providing humanitarian relief and dialogue and another providing an excellent photoessay documenting the state of affairs in downtown Nairobi and one of its suburbs prior to the aborted ODM rally yesterday.

A Kenyan who works in the financial sector analyzes the past week's violence, focusing on causes, effects, and ways forward (Bankelele, via kenyanpundit),


HASH said...

I've been working with some other Kenyans to create a site where people can report incidents of violence in Kenya ( Consider adding one of the buttons found on the "about" page to your blog.

Please call, text and email your friends and family in Kenya about Ushahidi. You can now SMS an incident report in to +447624802635 or email tips to

On top of all that, there is now a Flickr group to add your images too about this post-election crisis at

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